App Development

We use the latest development practices and technologies to stay up-to-date when developing both web and mobile applications to ensure we are in the best position to offer solutions for projects of any complexity. Whether you have a fully-fledged idea or scribble on a napkin we can help bring your idea to life and guide you through from design to release. Our go to development technologies included Laravel, a PHP based web framework for server-side programming, AngularJS, VueJS, and JavaScript frameworks for front-end development.

Application development can vary in complexity and we are well versed in dealing with complex intricate applications such as time-management systems, risk-management systems or anything dealing with the input, management, or presentation of data. We design and build our web applications to optimal levels of performance and responsiveness, utilising the latest development practices to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for our clients and their end users.

Web Application Development

Web Applications

Unlike conventional desktop applications web applications live on the web, allowing for much greater flexibility in terms saleability and usability. There is nothing to download or install just navigate to the applications web address and that’s it. Improvements to the application and new features that are developed are easier to release to existing customers. Because of our collective experience in multiple disciplines we approach each project in a platform-agnostic way and we will select the technologies that best fit the requirements of the project. We don’t believe in using customers as guinea pigs to learn new technologies which is why we conduct regular research and development so we have a repository of tried and tested ideas and processes that can be applied to any project.

Mobile Application Development

Mobile Applications

Mobile apps can act as an extension to an existing or new web app and can be developed to give a more stream inline user experience on mobile devices whether it be a phone or a tablet. Having both a web and mobile app can help with greater uptake and usage of an application and allows users to have tailored experience for whatever device they are using. In some cases there is no need for both a web and mobile app and sometimes mobile app on its own makes more sense. This could be down to budget or the scale of the project, regardless we can analyse the benefits of each and progress with the option that makes the most sense based on a client's individual requirements.

We understand that the design and usability of a mobile app is paramount to its success and we are considerate of the myriad of mobile devices that could potentially be used, both the platform and device size, ensuring a consistent user experience across these devices.

Our Process

Our Process, Idea Step


To begin the process of creating your application, we first get a solid understanding of your idea and what your unique needs, wants, and overall expectations are. At this stage we will start developing timelines, checklists, and deadlines for your project. The client input is paramount in this stage, as it sets the baseline and vision for the life cycle of the project.

During this stage, you will work with the Project lead to get the necessary requirements gathered, and you will meet with the Development team as well.

Our Process, Define Step


During the define phase, the input received by you in the Idea stage is collated and used to comprise the plans plans that will Define your end goal. This is achieved by creating building mood boards, initial wire-frames will be created to start to get an idea of structure, essentially creating conceptual designs of your project.

During this stage we will gather or create any documents, imagery, logos, media, or other assets required for the creation of your project.

Our Process, Create Step


During the design phase, we create mock-ups and start to develop the layout of the application for review, this will happen at multiple stages during development to allow for full engagement throughout the entire project.

Also during this stage may work on graphical and branding elements, including your logo, mobile icon or illustrations and any supporting imagery.

Our Process, Develop Step


The develop stage is where all the magic happens and the ideas and building blocks start to come together into a working product. We have a clear understanding at this stage based on careful analysis of your project’s needs and combine that with the output of previous stages to create the custom application that you envision.

During this stage we will be constantly refining and perfecting the end user experience and implementing best practices to provide the most intuitive interface that keeps your customers engaged.

Our Process, Launch Step


This is the stage in which the project is thoroughly examined, including debugging and browser testing to industry best-practice standards. This ensures that the product is of the utmost quality and value to you. Once we have completed this internal testing, you will be able to see the complete finished product. If the product we created passes your standards, we can commence sign off and deploy.

This stage marks finalization of the project by both you and us. By this time, we will have found the product to be of the best standards and quality possible. Once the final project has been evaluated and deemed complete by you, we will ask that you sign the work order.

Our Process, Support Step


Outside of developing your vision, support is a very important part of what we do at Blue Cookie. We care about the success and longevity of your application, so we provide a 30 day support period to help with support, application training and just generally be there should any issues arise.

Once outside of the support period, we can work with you to determine if any ongoing support is required and if so we can decide on an ongoing Service Agreement. This agreement will be taylor made to ensure your unique support needs are met.

The Agile Methodology

Project Management - The Agile Methodology

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